Friday, 12 September 2008

I'm lovin' it ....

... Not!

On a walk through the lanes near where I live I came across this McDonnalds coffee cup balanced on the dead stinging nettle stem. The photo was taken “as is”, and nothing has been changed or moved, not even the angle!

While it is amazing that the discarded cup managed to balance on the stem, it is sad that it is there in the first instance, probably thrown from a passing car window?

The cup, I noticed, is covered with text stating how environmentally friendly that product is, with coffee and materials for the cup from “sustainable” sources, I wonder how environmentally friendly the discarded cup is?

On the same walk I came across a can of Pepsi to go with the McDonnalds.

Not just these items get discarded littering the countyside, shortly afterwards I came across this door, abandoned in the middle of no-where, obvisoly someone needed to take the door to this location and then dump it, could they not have used the time and transport to dispose of it a little more thoughtfully?

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